Road Tax have been increased by the Government for the fiscal year 2075/76. According to the new budget session above 401 cc bike have to pay around 2 lakh road tax.

From now on up to 2000cc Car, Jeep road tax increase to 8%.Similarly above the 2000cc car, jeep road tax increase to 10%.

Likewise, Motorcycle’s road tax have also increased. Following are the rates:


Previous rate

Current Rate

Up to 150                     5,000                                     15,000
151cc to 250cc           12000 18000
251cc to 400cc            35000                                       70000
Above 401cc                                                                 1, 80,000

Definitely, it will effect in sales volume of high CC motorbikes. On the flip side, it causes a negative impact on those superbike holders and who are planning to get one.

The government have not increased the yearly vehicle tax which is some positive news for all auto holder and bike enthusiastic.