AutoEmag brings you the latest CF MOTO Bike Price in Nepal here along with their key specifications.

CFMOTO is a worldwide manufacturing powerhouse. More than 20 years CFMoto has been serving and producing quality power sports products like ATV’s and UTV’s. CFMOTO break in Nepalese market since August 2017. Hype and craze of Motorbikes been phenomenal within a year of release. Especially, youngsters are fascinating towards its style, features and performance.


CF MOTO Bike Price in Nepal

250Nk  is the most popular and top sale motorbikes in the caliber. It gives the superior performance with proven Bosch EFI.It has aggressive looks and power twin cylinder. It is appropriate both in highway and city areas for the ride.

The 250 NK is dominion by a 250cc single-cylinder engine, which fabricates 27 bhp power at 9000rpm and 22nm torque at 7500rpm. It has install attribute TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen as an instrument relieve for its rider. ABS (Anti-locking Braking System) was first introduced in its range of motorbikes.


Some Important Features:

  1. Light Weighted Bike
  2. Dual Channel ABS
  3. USD Forks
  4. Comfortable Seat
  5. TFT Screen
  6. Hydraulic Clutch

CFMOTO 250NK Price in Nepal: Rs 4,60,000


Displacement: 249.2 CC     Top Speed:120 kmph
Mileage: 35 kmp/l No. of gears: 6
Max Power:15.5 PS @ 8500 rpm Fuel tank: 12.5 L
Torque: 22mm/7500r Nm @ 7500 rpm wheelbase: 1365 mm


KTM Duke 200 and Benelli TNT 250 are the competitors of CF Moto 250 NK. Despite being expensive, on the other side it has offered a lot to the public with its design features and styles.




CF Moto 150 Nk is a mid-range motorbike. It has front upside down(USD) telescope fork, rear mid-mounted single shock.Front and rear disc brakes give grip for safe stopping.Proven Bosch EFi is another important aspect of this bike.6-speed capable of highway speed with low seating height makes rides easy and unforgettable.


CFMOTO 150 NK Price in Nepal: Rs 2,99,000

Displacement: 149.2 CC    
Top Speed:120 kmp/h
Mileage: 45kmp/l No. of gears: 6
Max Power:10.7/9000r/min Fuel tank: 10 L
Torque: 12.2NM/6800r/min wheelbase: 1360 mm


CF Moto 4oo Nk is designed with aggressive styling and balanced dynamics.It is equipped with twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine with DOHC.It has twin disc front and single rear with additional ABS.LCD display for clear visibility.Low seat height gives a comfort for the ride.



CFMOTO 400 NK Price in Nepal: Rs 6,40,000



Displacement: 400.4 CC     Top Speed:197 kmp/h
Mileage: 35kmp/l No. of gears: 6
Max Power:31.5 kW / 9500 rpm(41hp) Fuel tank: 17 L
Torque: 35.4 N.m / 7650 rpm wheelbase: 1415 mm



CF Moto 650 NK is the powerful bike with twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine with DOHC. It has twin disc 300mm front brake and 250 mm rear with optional continental ABS. Sport and economics map switch is another added feature.

CFMOTO 650NK Price in Nepal: Rs 10,00,000


Displacement: 649.3 cc No. of gears: 6
Mileage: 25 kmp/l Top Speed:197 kmp/h
Max Power:41.5 kw/9,500rpm (LAMS Restricted) Fuel tank: 18 L
Torque: 62nm/6.32kgm/45.72ftlb at 7,000rpm Kerb Weight(kg): ‎193 kg dry


CF Moto 650 MT is multi-functional bike based on well developed and stable 650 cc engine platform.It is equipped with upside down front shock absorber with a lightly weighted fork. Especially, it is best for the long route travel.

CF Moto 650 MT Price in Nepal  : 
Rs. 11,70,000


Displacement: 649.6 cc No. of gears: 6
Mileage: 25kmpl Top Speed:170 kmph
Max Power:52.0 kW/8750rpm(71 hp/8750rpm) Fuel tank: 18L
Torque: 62.0 N.m/7000 rpm Kerb Weight(kg): ‎213 kg (468.6 lb)


ST Papio is a mini and small member of CF Moto Motorbike family.It has wholly upgraded engine and fine-tuned EFI system.Large disc brakes(210 mm)suspension system provide safe ride with unbelievable pleasure.


CF Moto ST Pabio Price in Nepal  : 2,25,000

Displacement: 124.5 cc Top Speed: 90kmp/h
Mileage: 35kmp/l No. of gears: 6
Max Power:7.0 kW/85000rpm Fuel tank: 7 L
Torque:8.3 N.m/6500 rpm Kerb Weight(kg): ‎114 kg



* The ride away prices advertised are national ride away prices and include all local government taxes and 12 months registration.